Jason Kinsey

I was born in Ithaca New York and am currently living there now.  I have entertained all my life, whether it being in the realm of music, art or writing.  I have 2 years schooling in both Commercial Art & Graphic Design.  Currently I have won 2nd place in a nation wide contest for an illustration in the “Riddick” movie series hand picked by the creators of the film on DeviantArt.  Growing up in Ithaca has been awesome for me because there is so many creative and open minded people.  Started piano lessons at the age of fourteen and can play nearly any genre of music.
I have also created several comic books and graphic novels not to mention three fully illustrated and written role playing games.  That said I write a lot too and finished my first novel last year which made it to round 2 in the annual Amazon writing contest.
even though I have been trained, I consider the bulk of my talent to be self taught through books and experience.  Currently I am working as a freelance artist & musician as well I am quite focused on self publishing my own books.  My life over the past 15 years has been difficult because of bouts with depression and schizophrenia, but through this rough road I have honed my creativity and remain positive.


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