I think I’ll get started!

Hello All!

Well, I’ve made the decision to both self publish all of my books and focus on freelance work as an artist and a musician!  I like to think Im proficient enough at all three art forms to take this step so here we go!  My book Page Travelers -Unification- has been released  and now I can finally focus on the next book and my search for clients, you can find me at www.jbkdevelopment.com


For those who have seen the site and want some tunes for a game, movie or presentation I truely can make any tracks in almost any genre of music, even if your looking for something silly:)  Anyways, Im so glad that things are set up where I can finally relax & simply work!  NEWS-I’ll be updating juicy tidbits about Page Travelers 2 as it nears completion!